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All Tied Up

'A collaboration of two'

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working with Leah Gourley


(12 balls of cream acrilic wool, aprox 20 5mm hooks and 30 tacs.)


Carly Munro & Leah Gourley ‘A Collaboration of Two’ – Jan 2006 – Performance Space I felt this work struggled to incorporate two very different practices but worked well visually in the space together. I think they struggled because both I and Leah were looking at very ambiguous themes. Although we tried to link them through material, space and colour I felt that some of Leah’s work clashed with mine. This is not a bad realisation though as I was able to see what I liked about it as a piece of work and I was able to grasp what it was I wanted to achieve through my part of the collaboration. I had begun to start thinking about partitions (which lead to the creation of ‘each is part of the fibre’) and choice in colour. Up until this point I had been using lots of colours to try and connect items to the wool yet taking away that colour meant I had to find other ways of connecting to the rest of the work. One device I tried was control over the audience. My wool controlled how people engaged with the work and what they could see clearly first without being obstructed by the wool. This device was also used (a lot more obviously) in ‘strung along in a web of deceit’. Not all was lost though as themes of balance, tension and delicacy seem to of effected audiences when viewing the work. Their nervousness of breaking the work was something I hadn’t experienced until then and the fact some of the people described themselves as being uncomfortable in the space made me think about how I could make the work more unnerving.




"This work was the shift from 'each is part of the fibre' work to strung along as i began to think more about the audience and how i could manipulate their movements. i also began thinking about devices that would make people uncomfortable."

Photography copyright of Phillippa Claude.