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This is where all new infomation will be posted pointing out new exhibtions and new ideas i am currently looking at.

11/2/06 - Added new photos to exhibtion space - All tied up.

1/5/06 - added my friends web page's on the link page and updated a few of the pages to include more recent works.

29/5/06 - added some more pictures. looking to get a slideshow builder so i can have slideshows of exhibtions etc on this site. changed the layout due to some imput from friends.

30/5/06 - Currently preparing for my degree show which is starting on the 16th of June.Models of idea have been added.

11/6/06 - Have added pictures from the installation! thankyou to everyone that helped out!I owe you guys!

New pictures added! click piture to see whats new on Carly Munro's website!